Microsoft interview experience (Internship)

Microsoft gives an opportunity to all undergraduate and postgraduate students for 2 months summer internship program. Basic criteria to apply for Microsoft internship program was to have CGPA greater than 7.0, no pending backlogs and candidates should not have participated in Microsoft internship hiring process for last one year.
The process have 2 rounds. They are:-
1)Online coding round

  • Online coding round:
    • It was an online coding round with 3 questions, hosted at The duration of the test is 1 hour 30 minutes and everyone gets a different set of three questions. Better the time and space complexity greater marks.

Around 120 students were shortlisted by the time I attempted. I was one of them. In my view, questions weren’t that tough. All you need for solving is practice.

    • Interview:

In this round there will be 4 technical interviews and every round is an elimination one.
First round is an offline writing coding round. Do write clean and correct codes, with appropriate names for variables and proper indentation.
These were the questions that I was asked to solve-

Of 120 students , 15 members were short-listed for next round.
In the second round of technical interview, one mentor will be assigned to every person and questions regarding linked list, binary trees, dynamic programming…etc., will be asked.
In the third round, we had a discussion with the project that we are mentioned in the resume.
The last round was HR interview and in this, they asked questions about the introduction, puzzles and some tricky ones.
Apart from all these they shortlist based on CGPA.
I would like to suggest to solve all problems in GeeksforGeeks and it also very helpful in understanding the gist of the subject.It also arranged all the topics like data structures and algorithms in proper structure. I sincerely thanks to GeeksforGeeks.

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