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Microsoft Interview Experience (FTE SDE 2020- On Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019

Microsoft came to our campus on 31st of July 2019 . It was open for students of nearly all the branches having CGPA 7 or above.

Round 1: It was an online coding round hosted over site “ mettl ” . There where 3 coding questions and with a duration of 90 mins. 1st question was finding maximum distant coordinate pair from a given number of coordinates. It was the easiest one. 2nd question was framed like “ find the minimum number of adjacent swaps required to make a string palindrome “. It was a bit tricky but it was also an ad hoc question. In 3rd questions statement was a bit confusing but it was a simple implementation of queue similar to bfs.
I solved all the three questions but in second question out of 12 test cases for I got TLE for 2 . Those who solved at least 2 questions got selected for the next round. Nearly 250 students sat for this round out of which 60 got selected for the next round.
Tips : Practice a lot of questions from sites like Geeksforgeeks, Interviewbit, Leetcode etc .

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Round 2: It was a pen paper round . We need to solve one question on paper within 30 mins . Question was to Print longest Increasing consecutive sequence which you can make from the elements of an unsorted array. We were strictly told to, not to use library functions. Those who haven’t used any library function and written a clean code with easily understandable logic got selected for the next round . Nearly 10 students got selected for the next round.
Tips : If your approach is correct then writing a clean, commented and properly indented code will take you to the next round.

Round 3: It was a face to face technical interview round. He asked me questions regarding my android project . He seemed pretty impressed with my project . Then he asked me questions regarding system design . Like how to design an app like “ Whats App ”, what should be the structure of the databases/data structures/tables, What functionalities you will mainly focus on, What will be your top 5 test cases on which you will test this application. After this he moved to OOPS . He asked me how will I make some layman to understand Polymorphism . Then he asked questions related to interfaces, abstract class and some other stuffs related to OOPS . Then he asked if I want to ask some questions or say something so I asked one question and this round ended .
Tips : A good project with a bit of innovative idea will be of great help . Good grip over OOPS, OS, DBMS, Data Structure and Algorithms and the programming languages are keys for unlocking this round .

Round 4: It was also a face to face technical round . He was pretty much aware of my previous interview so he asked me about other project apart from the one I described in round 3. Then he started asking situational based questions regarding the project . He was expecting some different answer but he seemed satisfied with my answer too. Then he asked me two coding questions one was to determine the minimum cost to convert a square to a magic square. He asked me to write the code on paper . I wrote the code but it was not very clean so I explained him line by line . 2nd question was to add two char arrays representing two floating point numbers. He told me to write a very clean, understandable and efficient code. So I wrote a clean and understandable code but missed out some optimizations but later on I improvised . That’s all .
Tips : Same as round 3 .

Round 5: HR / Managerial/final round. Nearly 6 students made it to this round. He asked me to introduce my self . Then he asked me my collage experience, about my strengths and what makes me feel proud . He also asked me about my projects a bit . 3 students got selected finally for FTE in Microsoft and I was one of them.

Tips : Be confident and genuine . your answers should not look like typical answers they should contain a bit of your personal touch . You can prepare your answers for common questions of this round beforehand but should have Genuinity and uniqueness .

Final words : According to my experience three most important ingredient for clearing all the rounds are knowledge of what you have written in your resume, confidence and last but not the least luck . So just go for the former two & third one will follow them. Best of luck guys .

ThanQ GeeksforGeeks for providing such a wonderful platform where you can get anything and everything one needs to get into some good tech company.

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