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Microsoft Interview Experience for SWE Intern (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 25 May, 2022
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Coding test (Platform: Mettl / Highly – Proctored):

Coding questions (1.5 hr):

  1. Fibonacci type question.
  2. Euler totient function (without using sieve).
  3. Mean/mode/ median of array.

All students had different questions.

Interviews (platform: Microsoft teams):

Round 1 (1 Hour Round):

  1. No Introduction (or anything).
  2. Find count of all palindromic substrings in a string.
  3. What are Positive and Negative Test cases?
  4. How do you check if your code is correct?
  5. Some authentication questions related to my project.

Round 2 (1 Hour Round):

  1. Given two string arrays of cities and states in a country, and given a target string, find if it is of the form of “valid city–valid state”.
    (catch: if a city or state consists of two words (space separated), then in the target string that space can be replaced with a hyphen or can be space also. Both are valid configurations.)
    Check how many permutations of the digits of an integer result in a palindromic integer.

Round 3 HR:

  1. Weaknesses?
  2. Project Working?
  3. Challenges in the project?
  4. Major errors that were handled in the project?
  5. Latest technologies, how do you keep pace with them?
  6. Why Microsoft?

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