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Microsoft Interview Experience for Software Developer

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I am here to share my interview experience at Microsoft. I was working as a software developer at a Financial Domain-based Company for the past 8+ years. I haven’t seen any interview panel for the past decade. so I was scared to face Microsoft (was my primary reason for the failure) as my first interview after a long break. First of all, I am late for the interview. But I did a big mistake which is I have not prepared for the interview due to the short notice of the interview day. funny isn’t it?

Round 1: (Inside a Glass Office)

when I entered the room on the gentleman said hello. I smiled (with fear in my face) and said hello. with that, gentleman understood that I was scared and he asked about me I said blabbered everything “about me” once I finished he asked is this your first interview after 8+ years (he got me) I was shocked and said yes. And he started asking me about algorithms if I knew about them? I said NO. and he asked about Data Structures I said NO. He smiled and asked what you know (he asked me about the technologies and knowledge about any “useful languages” that he is looking for.) I said that I know C# and C++ ( intermediate level — “operator overloaded” none of which he is looking for.) so he asked me to explain the work that I was been.

I explained everything which comes into my mind and he started asking questions from that. I was shocked, Why was I not asking these questions when I was working back in my office. And he asked me to write down all the application layers which we are using in our application. “pseudocode by the way” pseudocode? what the hell was that? I wrote down 3 paragraphs about it in detail. he smiles at me again. and asked me “I think I was asking for some pseudocode kind of think I believe” and said that was ok. that was all! my interview (First Round was over 🙁 ) he asked me to wait outside will call you later after our discussion. ( I knew that I was not going to go clear and I am going out)

And I came out and waiting for 1 hour and the coordinator called me and at the first work he said was “Sorry you were not selected” and I said nothing and he started that do you know what was the placed you have to improve. I said yes, everywhere I have to improve he started describing one by one about it.

Point 1: Never ever come to a company like this without preparing

Point 2: Get to know from the basics

Point 3: Get to know the CORE concepts of what you are working.

Point 4: No need for technology. Learn the core Logics first (Algorithms and Data Structures).

Point 5: Never underestimate the person in front of you.

Point 6: Don’t show your weakness first.

Point 7: Be sure about what you deliver.

Point 8: before you think, Write it down in a sheet read it often until you get it correct.

Point 9: Prepare as much as you can But learn better.

Mistakes I Made:

Include not following the points above. I am too lethargic in preparing for the interview. Underestimated my knowledge and confidence due to the size of the company I am going to go with Interview.


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Last Updated : 21 May, 2019
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