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Microsoft Interview Experience for SDE-I (1+ Year Experienced)

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Hiring for Azure Networking team

Round 1(1 hr): This is a coding round that happened on Microsoft teams with SDE-II. In this round, two coding questions and few cs fundamental questions were asked about which I have mentioned below. 

  1. Follow up on the same question, find the path also.

CS Fundamental Questions:

  1. What is thrashing?
  2. What are semaphore and mutex?
  3. What is the page fault?
  4. What are process and thread and their difference?

They mostly focus on your thinking approach and how you’re solving a given problem and the optimal solution is expected. Answering CS Fundamentals is a plus point.

Round 2(1 hr): This is also a coding round that happened on Microsoft teams with SDE-II In this round also two coding questions and few cs fundamentals were asked about which I have mentioned below.


 CS Fundamental Questions:

  1. Can two infinite loops run parallelly on a single core machine?
  2. How you detect a memory leak in an application?

Round 3(1 hr): This is also a coding round which is supposed to happen but my previous two rounds went well so they skipped this round and directly send it to the hiring manager round.

Hiring Manager Round(1 hr): This is the hiring manager round and this is the last round.

  1. Asked about work I have done in my previous organization grilled a lot about same.
  2. Design a cache system mostly concentrated on low-level design but also asked few questions regarding high-level design too

Result: After two days I called HR and I got selected. 

My Approach to solving Coding Questions: For each question,

  1. First I have gone through the question and cross-checked whether I have understood the question properly or not If I find any disconnect then I asked the interviewer and got clarified.
  2. While thinking about the logic I used to think loud so that he can come to know what I’m thinking.
  3. Once I got the logic I used to check for the given Input.
  4. Then I used to discuss the same with the Interviewer and once he got satisfied with the logic then he asked to code the same.
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Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2021
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