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Microsoft Interview Experience for Consultancy Job 2019(On-campus)

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  • Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2019
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Candidate eligibility criteria for KJSCE  => CGPA greater than or equal to 7.5 just for being eligible for the aptitude test.

Round 0: Aptitude consisting of quantitative, verbal, coding(2 questions, may need practice),
paragraph writing(200 words max). 31 students selected.

Round 1: Technical

  • Technical, focused mainly on resume, OOP concepts, JavaScript (as I had
    previously worked on projects involving it), Databases (ER diagrams, indexing)
  • Interview started from a discussion about my projects as well as internships.
  • Questions like what DBMS did you use? Why?
  • Can Primary key contain two entities?
  • Explain foreign key(used an example).
  • Do you know C# or any other Microsoft technologies?
  • Given a scenario where your manager asks you to work on multiple projects simultaneously, how would you handle the situation?
  • Implement the moves for pawns in a chessboard, (consider all cases, the interviewer
    constantly kept on asking to add more stuff to the existing solution that I was stating)

Round 2: Technical + HR, was a video interview with a guy from Microsoft office, Hyderabad.

Was asked about my journey after joining engineering. A modified version of “Tell me about
yourself”.Unexpectedly, he asked me to explain OOP pillars in between of our conversation.
What could be the base class of a ballpoint pen?Told me to approach in a geometrical
manner.During our conversation in the earlier phase of the interview, I had mentioned that I liked to
read books. He asked me to state the pseudocode for a scenario when I need to choose a
new book to read (He actually asked me for a C program initially).
How would you explain a Wi-Fi router (working) to a 5 year old kid?

Round 3:  This round was more or less a formality, because whoever cleared the 2nd
round got selected eventually (except 2 guys, who wanted to get rejected voluntarily maybe).
The interviewer asked me with whom I talked since morning, as in the guys who interviewed me.
He asked me where I stay, about the hostel, the fees (both of the college as well as the
hostel). He also asked about the mess food. Actually all of the interviewers asked about the
mess food and the hostel life.
Further, he asked me how would I handle a difficult situation?
Given a situation where the solution provided by using Microsoft products is not a good as
the solution that is provided by some other company using any other company’s products,
what will you ask the customer to do? Will you ask him to continue with Microsoft or would
you redirect him to the other company?
Another scenario where the product on which you and your team is almost complete, let’s
say about 80%, and then your manager assigns you to a new project that has to be
completed within a short span of time, how will you handle the situation?



                 At the end of each round, I was asked if I had any questions for them.
Hope this helps! All the best!




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