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Microsoft Interview Experience | 8 Years Experienced

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I had a total of 4 rounds. Focus was more on algorithms, problem-solving, system design, and few behavioural questions. Interview process took 15 days from first interview to offer letter.

Round 1:

  1. Rotate 2d array clockwise and anti clock wise 90 degrees.2d array need not be square

Round 2:

  • Few questions on projects I worked on.
  • How do you implement throttling for your website?
  • An attacker is constantly hitting your service api. You should send the response as “try after sometime” if threshold exceeds certain requests(Slinging window algorithm based time slots)

Round 3(Principle Software Engineer)

  1. Implement N-tree collapse(anynode) and decollapse(anyNode).when called get childnodes(sequence of collapse and decollates should be considered and should return the child nodes).discussions on extra space vs extra time. recursion vs iteration

Round 4(Hiring manager interview) 1.5 hours: I found this interview interesting. Mix of tech and behavioural

Tech Questions:


  1. Read a row which has username, amount,
  2. Apply discount and write same to table
  3. Call rest api to update respective user’s credit service

We need to process records in batches. He is looking into failure handling cases.

Behavioral Questions:

  • How much time you spend on coding.
  • What are your career goals.
  • What critical problem you solved in your career.
  • Last question, current ctc

Last Updated : 23 May, 2021
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