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Microsoft Interview Experience | 4 Years Experienced

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021

Online Coding Round:

  1. N factories are producing pollution. Given pollution amount in terms of integers. Count mini. no. of filters required to reduce total pollution by atleast half. One filter reduces pollution by half.

    Solved using priority queue

  2. There are N cars, each having some of M features. A car feature list is given as binary string. for ex: 0000111, 0 means feature not supported.

    Two cars are similar if their feature description differs by atmost one feature. for ex: 11001, 11000 are similar for every car, find count of similar cars.

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    Solved with XOR operator

Face to face interviews scheduled after 1 week

Coding Round: (~40 mins)

  2. Similar to problem:

    In my case, interviewer mentioned that freq. of characters is not considered for anagrams.

    Ex: str1:aabb str2:aaaa  it should return true

Coding and Design Round: 1 hr

  1. Given an image in form of 2-D pixels. Write module to rotate image clockwise and anticlockwise.

    Also tell test cases for testing code

Design Round: 1 hr

  1. Design chess Game
  2. Design Gallery App for features like scrolling, opening image by clicking thumbnail

Hiring Manager Round: (~1 hr)

  1. Work done during professional experience and Technologies
  2. Why looking for change
  3. What kind of work you want to do
  4. What will you bring on the table if we hire you
  5. Given expression in infix notation. Evaluate that. for ex: 12*21 – 323/21 + 3

Solved using 2 stacks

Got Selected.

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