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Microsoft Interview Experience 2018 @ IIT

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2018
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Round 1: Online coding test on cocubes platform.

The questions from my set were-

1. We are given a number, we have to find the next greater number from the same set of digits.

2. Given two nodes in a binary tree, find the distance between the two nodes.

3.  Find day of week given a date.

Around 70 students were selected for group fly round

Round 2: Group Fly

It consisted of objective choice questions from various topics like OS, CN, DBMS, Computer Architecture, (basically gate CS syllabus) and some Linked List coding questions, where we had show all operations of a linked list like all possible cases of addition, deletion of nodes. Try to cover all corner cases as possible and explain it with diagrams to make your answers stand out than others. Also, ask the invigilators present there for any doubts if you have ( They are very friendly ).


Around 40 students were selected for interview.

Round 3: Technical Interview 1

Please be confident for the interview, even if you dont know the answer, try to find the solution and donot give up. They are basically testing your thinking ability so try as hard as possible and give your 100%.

In the first round, the question he asked was a bit tricky. The question was- given any word, find how many words we can make from the letters of that word. I tried to give some approach as I didnt know the optimised one directly, I said to use all possible combinations possible and check in dictionary if that word exists, the interviewer seemed convinced but he asked if I can do better, he gave some hints and then I was able to come up with the solution- we had to sort the word based on letters and in dictionary also we’ll sort the words and then count.

Note : All the sorted versions of same letters will give the same result.

He was convinced, then he asked some questions related to CN, DBMS, OS. Though he didnt ask about my project, but I explained him 😛 because that was my forte and I wanted him to ask questions on that ( he did not ask anything :P)

Round 4: Technical Interview 2

In the second round, he asked given birth dates and death dates of people, find the maximum population year.

Here we will use an array and make +1 for birth year and -1 for  death year and at the end traverse the array and find the maximum value ( return the corresponding year).

It took me around 5 mins to come up with this solution so, he asked me another question-

Given a mobile keypad, find all possible combinations of letters, given digits.

I was able to answer that and he was very convinced as I answered this one in one shot ( By luck, I had read this question just 5 mins before the interview and he asked me the same question :D)


Round 5: HR Round

She did not ask anything and I was given a hint that I am selected (they cannot reveal the results before the end of session). It was the happiest moment for me 🙂


Overall the process went well . All I can suggest is be very confident and give your 100%. If you know your project well  try to explain it to them even if they dont ask for it so that they can know what all you have worked upon ( The interviewer  doesnot know you, its only in those 15 mins he will come to know about you so try to give him more reasons to select you ).


At the end, I would like to thanks Geeks for helping me in the process.

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