Microsoft Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Microsoft was the very first company to visit our campus for summer internship 2020. There were total 5 rounds:

a) coding round

b) Group fly

c) Technical interview I

d) Technical interview II

e) HR round

Below is the detailed description of the all the 5 rounds.

Round 1: 

There were 3 coding questions of easy, easy, medium level. Total 90 minutes were provided for the same.

Question 1:

Check for balanced parentheses in an expression

Question 2:

there are n number of houses, and between each house there are two hills. The height of the two hills is stored in the array as array1 and array2. We need to find the total number of pair of houses, such that while travelling from house-1 to house-2, the highest peak of hill of array1 is equal to the smallest peak of hill of array2.

we have to complete the function and return the number of pairs.

Question 3:

There are n number of post offices present in the city, and distance between the two consecutive post offices in stored in the array. A post man need to deliver post from post office A to B. He can not travel more than K kilometers in one go, he need to stop in between in any post office.

There are m number of queries given as input, Return whether it is possible for the postman to deliver the post or not.

Out of 180 students 38 students were shortlisted, for the next round.

Round 2:

This round was a pen paper round. We were given two questions, we have to write there answers in paper.

  1. Design a search engine for global retail application, write                                                                                                a) Assumptions         b) System considerations              c)Design Components.

2. Write optimized code for:

Total 14 students were shortlisted for the next round.


Code must be neat and clean, with proper indentations and comments. The variable names should be relevant.

Code should be optimized, having minimum space complexity.

Round 3 (Technical interview I):

This round was purely based on our technical and practical knowledge. Interviewer asked me to implement binary search tree (insertion, deletion and search operations). He asked about practical application of BST in real life.

Binary Search Tree | Set 1 (Search and Insertion)

He further asked me about the system design question which was asked in Group fly round. He then started asking me some questions which i never heard of, like details about Google Maps, Scaling of website etc. I was not able to answer these questions completely, but he cleared my round.

TIPS:  If you don’t know the answer of any question, you can ask for help from the interviewer. They are very helping. Even if don’t have any clue of the question, put some efforts to solve it.

What i have experienced is, giving correct answer is not important, but the way you answer the question is more important.

Round 4 (technical interview II):

The first question he asked me is to sort a stack using a temporary stack.

Sort a stack using a temporary stack

The want a code with least time complexity and minimum number of lines(10-15 lines of function).

He further asked me about static and dynamic memory allocation and the difference between the fully object oriented language and object oriented language.

Out of 14 students, 7 students were shortlisted for the HR round.

Round 5 (HR round) :

The interview was conducted on Skype.

Interviewer asked questions related to strength and weakness. He asked me, how i update myself with latest technologies, which latest technology i have read about and how it works. Why is opted Computer Science and Engineering.

Then he moved on to my project. He asked me what problems did i faced during the project, and what are the features which are still to implement in the project.

This round last around 20-25 minutes

Out of 7 students, 6 students were selected for Internship, and i am one of them 🙂

How to prepare:

I strongly recommend GeeksforGeeks for practice. I have solved around 600 question on this platform before appearing for the exam. You can go to practice section, and apply tags for various companies and topics.

Have a good command on Data structures and algorithms, Design and analysis of Algorithms and object oriented programming.



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