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Microsoft Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 09 Nov, 2021

Microsoft visited our campus in month of August 2021 for the role of Summer Intern. Branches allowed were: CSE, IT, ECE and EE.
At last, 18 students were extended the offers.

ONLINE ASSESSMENT: Online test comprised of two questions to be solved in a span of 90 min. 

Website used: Codility, you should be aware that on this platform there is no message for whether your solution was correct or not. You just simply can run various test cases to be sure that the solution is correct. So, one should think of all corner cases for the problem before finally submitting it.

  1. Given an array of numbers ranging from 1-6 you have to merge add K elements [ in the range 1-6] in the array such that the mean of the array after adding elements become F, we need to return an array of K elements if it was not possible, we need to return an empty array. 
  2. Given a string of ‘a’, ‘b’, and/or ‘?’ You can replace it? with a or b. task is to replace all? such that no three consecutive a or b occur in the string. it is given that such string will always exist we needed to return the modified string. 

Those who did solve both questions were shortlisted for Interviews

INTERVIEW ROUNDS: The Interview rounds were held on MS teams and for coding was done on their codility platform.

Round 1: Interviewer introduced himself as soon as I joined the meeting. Then he straightaway provided me the link to codility where question was already written.


  1. It was same question as this one with one twist that we also had to find out the area of largest island. I explained everything in detail about the solution and at the end he was quite satisfied with it.
  2. What is MongoDB? (As in my resume there was projects based on this).

At the end he asked if I have any questions for him. This round lasted about 50 min.

I was shortly called for round 2 after this round.

Round 2: Interviewer introduced himself as soon as I joined the meeting. Then he asked me some casual questions such as how am I and how’s my college life etc. Then he inquired with me that since I was from EE so, he asked whether I had been taught any of the CSE subjects or if I am prepared with the same. I replied that I have only been taught DSA in my 3rd semester. So, he finally said OK and he asked only from DSA part.


  1. He named one of the projects from my resume and asked me to explain it to him. There was no cross-question from him regarding this.
  2. I have been given two binary trees and I has to return whether they both are mirror images or not. In this question, I have to create the Node class and also generate my own binary tree so as to check the code for the mirror tree.

This round lasted about 55 min.

I was shortly called for round 3 after this round.

Round 3: Interviewer introduced himself as I joined the meeting and then he explained the agenda of that interview that what we will be doing in the coming 50-60 min.

  • He was going through my resume and then asked me to tell him some things about me that is not mentioned in the resume. Based on my answer he cross-questioned me.
  • Then he asked me to explain any one of my projects. In this also he asked me several question such as, what where difficulties faced by me during the project, how I handed them, why this project is different, have I done anything in this project that was above and beyond the requirement, what was my contribution in the project, why only this project? etc.
  • Then he asked what have I done in this past year of pandemic.
  • At last, he told me that now he will be giving me a coding question. He also said that the question was just to see my thought process and approach towards the correct solution. So, he might or might not ask me to code in the end.

Question: I have been given an array of strings S which contains all the valid words that are in oxford dictionary. Also, I have been given a set of alphabetic characters C. So, I have to return a list of all strings which are only made of characters given in the set C. I have to solve it in minimal time complexity possible.

So, after this we had a lengthy discussion on this problem where I put forward my various approaches and he also provided me a hint on the midway. At last, he asked me to code my one of the approaches. Then he said to me that my interview is over I can leave.

This Round lasted for around 70 mins.

Verdict: Selected.

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