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Microsoft Internship Interview Experience for SWE

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Online Round: My set contained the following three questions:-

  1. The Largest Sum of Contiguous Subarray.
  2. Evaluate Postfix expression.
  3. Dice Throw DP-30

I was able to solve all three luckily. Around 20 students were shortlisted through this online test.

Personal Interview: The interview Process (organized through teams app) consisted of three rounds.

Round 1(Technical): First, the interviewer told me to introduce myself. Then a coding question was given to me related to event scheduling and I was asked to code it. He was convinced by my solution. Then he changed some constraints on the same question and asked me to approach the same.No questions were asked on my resume in this round.

Round 2(Technical): This round started with some basic discussion on my resume, followed by some networking related questions. After that, I was asked a question, which stated. Suppose you have a text file of 500mb and you only have 100mb of space to load it and a pattern is given to you. You have to search this pattern in this large file without accessing the whole file in one go. I was asked to code the algorithm. I used KMP algorithm for the same.

Round 3(Technical): First the interview asked me how I developed an interest in coding as I am from ECE branch. After that, he asked some rapid-fire questions related to machine learning as two of my projects were related to it. After that, he gave me one question related to backtracking and asked me to code it.

Question Link:  Not this question exactly but it was similar to this 

This round ended with my internship related doubts.

Each round was of about 45 minutes. Interviewers were friendly enough and ready to help(except third) if we were stuck at some point.

Tips: Always try to discuss your approach first, before you write your code and if the interviewer is satisfied with your approach then code it. Be confident and loud enough while writing your code.

Verdict: Selected

Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2020
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