Microsoft Internship Interview Experience

Microsoft visited our campus for internship hiring.

Online Coding Round:
The round was conducted on CoCubes platform. There were 3 questions (2, 3, and 5 marks respectively), to be solved in 75 minutes. Each person had a different set of questions. My set included:
1. You are given two arrays. Find the sum of all elements which are not common in both the arrays. (2-marks)
2. (3-marks)
3. Find minimum number that you can get by removing exactly ‘n’ digits from a string containing digits from 0-9 (leading zeros allowed). (5-marks)

I would recommend trying the CoCubes platform before-hand, because it was difficult to debug (you can’t just simply print anything and check).
About 90 people were shortlisted for the online round. The ranks were based on the score and the time taken.

Fly Round:
This is an on-paper round. You’ll have to write possible approaches, code for the best approach, and the corner cases (sample inputs and expected outputs) for which you would check your code. The questions were:

Interview Round 1:
1.Given a matrix of characters.You have to check if there is a path in matrix which can form a given word.
2.Find running median for a stream of numbers.

Interview Round 2:
1.Find the longest common substring of two strings.
2.Given a string, find the number of tokens in a string where a token is either a string enclosed within quotes or a word if it is not enclosed by quotes.

HR Round:
Some general HR questions like tell me about yourself, why Microsoft were asked.

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