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Microsoft Intern Selection Process (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2019
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Round 1: It was an Online Coding Test (OT) which had 3 Problems with a difficulty level ranging from Easy to Medium and we were supposed to solve them in 90 minutes. It was held on mettl IDE and having no prior practice experience on their IDE, it was somewhat difficult for me to get comfortable with it. But eventually, within 90 minutes I was able to solve 2 Questions which cleared my way to take Round 2. The results were declared late night that day and we were supposed to attend Round-2 early in the morning.

I don’t remember the questions exactly, but i can tell you some of them:

  1. You are given n number of sticks of different lengths. Length of each stick is given in an array and we had to find the minimum cost required to make all sticks of same length. (Given that Every stick has a cost associated with it in an array to increase or decrease one unit of length.)
  2. There are n number of students in a class and there are n number of lunchboxes. Each lunch box is either a circle or a rectangle and each student has a particular priority of lunch box i.e. if the lunch box is of his priority than he will take it and go otherwise he will go back of the queue and wait for his/her turn.(Students are aligned in a queue and lunch boxes are arranged in a stack.). So given n and the two arrays, one for lunch box type and another of student priority, you have to tell how many students won’t be able to eat their lunch.

Round 2: Around 54 people were shortlisted from first round from around 250 people and were allowed to give round 2 which was a Group Fly round. In this round, we were given a problem and we have to solve that problem in 45 minutes by writing the approach and code on paper in a neat manner. Literally, I was thinking of how to write the code without any errors for 35 minutes, then I started writing the code. They told us that they are open to any language, so I decided to write the code in Python 3. The result of Group Fly round was declared within an hour.

The problem was:

You are given a path to a folder and a set of words. There are some files in the folder and you have to search the words in those files that if they exist or not. If there is a match, then output the path of the file and the word.

Round 3: After Group fly round, around 25 people were shortlisted and were told to give the Technical Interview in the next 15 minutes. We were splitted in to groups(In each group number of students were equal to the number of rooms in which recruiters were sitting) in order to conduct this round in an efficient manner. I was in the first group, So they called my name and I was told to go to a particular room. After entering the room, The interviewer asked me my approach to solve the problem which was given in group fly round. I explained him that approach. Then he asked me some questions related to array, one of which was to output the triplet in an array which has sum zero(0) but the triplets would maintain their order as they are in that array. I was able to do that one by reducing the time complexity from O(n^3) to O(n^2). Then he asked me about my projects which were of Machine Learning, I was able to answer most of them. Then he told me to wait for the results.

Round 4: I got my Group Fly round and technical Interview-I pretty good so they skipped my Round-4, which was Technical Round-II and I was directed to a new room in which I had Interview with the HR of the Company. Some of the students gave Technical Round-II also.

Round 5: This was the final round and i had the Interview with the HR which was on Skype. He asked me about my previous round experience like how did I solved the problems, What was the most challenging part, My weaknesses, My strengths and many other questions to evaluate me. After sometime, They called me and told me that I got selected for Microsoft Internship. I was really very happy and was not able to express my happiness.

Overall, All the interviewers including the Technical and HR ones were very Chill and told us not to get nervous and give out best.

A big Thanks to GeeksForGeeks.

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