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Microsoft IDC Interview Experience | Set 88 (For SDE-1)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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Position : SDE BING TEAM
1. Skype round :

  1.  Brief about agile software development process (as mentioned in my CV)
  2. Detect whether the linked list is circular.
  3. Check whether the number is a power of 2.
  4. Check whether two trees are identical.
  5. Given an array which is first increasing and then decreasing, find the index where it changes from increasing to decreasing.

2. F-F round 1 

  1. Find the LCA in a binary tree.
    I gave the recursive solution as given in geeksforgeeks. Then he asked to give a solution without recursion. Then on asking for hints he said something related to heights and some modification is allowed in tree. So i did it using the  parent pointer.

3. F-F Round 2 

  1. Clone a linked list with a random pointer.
  2. Given an array , find a subarray with the sum closest to zero (i gave O(nlogn) solution).
    The interviewer was very co-operative. He gave a lot of hints to optimize the solution.

4. F-F Round 3

  1. Given two sets of strings A and B. Find the (A-B) U (B-A) ( U = union ). The answer should be in lexicographical order and A’s elements should appear before B’s.

5. F-F Round 4 

  1. He asked about my current project and since i am in android app development currently. So he asked questions like how many active users do u have.Whats the size of the app. Why such a big app?. How can u increase the usability?He wanted to check the ownership skills.

Don’t ignore this round. Be prepared for such questions. Do ask for hints each time. The interviewer will guide you to the solution.

Thanks a lot geeks for geeks

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