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Microsoft IDC Interview Experience | Set 79 (For Internship)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2016

First round was technical aptitude. Total 65 students were eligible. 15 MCQs were asked-
Everyone had different sets. All sorts of questions were asked, I had each question on linked lists, binary tree, B tree, STL, sorting, Java and OS.

Second round- Coding.
Around 40 students were shortlisted and coding round was conducted the same day. Everyone had different questions. Two problems were given and I had-
1. Find max index difference j-i such that a[j]>a[i] and j>i.
2. Find sum of data of all leaves of a binary tree on same level and then multiply sums obtained of all levels.
People who solved both and some with one were shortlisted. Results were announced after 3 weeks.
14 people were shortlisted after second round and were called to Bangalore.
Many students from different colleges were present for process there.

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Third round- Group fly.
This was elimination round. Two questions were to be solved in one hour. A mentor was assigned to each group of 8-9 students. We had to discuss our approach and then code it and submit.
1. Remove duplicates from string in place in O(n).
2. Check whether given binary tree is balanced or not. Definition was no two leaves should have height difference of greater than one.
People who solved both or at least gave proper approach for both were shortlisted.

Fourth round – Technical interview (45 min to 1 hour)
Interviewer was polite and responsive.

First 15 min discussion on my database project, he asked me questions like what technologies I used for front end and back end. I explained all the functionalities.

Then he asked me a question on binary tree.
Connect nodes on same level in a binary tree. Initially I gave him level order approach where I used recursive function to access each level but as it was O(n^2) he told me to optimize the solution.
Then I gave him iterative approach of following-
He said the code will be complex and there will be many cases, so he told me to think of another approach. I wasn’t able to give another approach other than these.

Final round was HR but I wasn’t called for it.

Overall experience was good and mentors, interviewers were very polite.

Thanks to geeksforgeeks team for putting such good content on website. I would advice to go through problems on website as it improves thinking and approach.

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