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Microsoft IDC Interview Experience | Set 69 (For SDE)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2015

Position : SDE BING TEAM

1. Online round :
This was for screening and had 2 questions:
i) max sum product of an array -> (take care of negative no.)
ii) Bridge building problem across cities.

2. F-F round 1
i) interviewer asked me why microsoft and why bing.
ii) reverse linked list in size of k
iii) design question on array of finding an element in an infinite array
iv) search element in a pivot and sorted array.

3. F-F Round 2
i) same question why microsoft and some project of current company
ii) if 2 diagonally opposite coordinates are given of a rectangle, tell where they overlapp or not.
iii) find longest substring without repeated character

4. F-F Round 3
i) why bing ? what do you know about bing?
ii) design how will you implement the most viewed bar in bing search, different approaches
iii) how to merge 2 unsorted arrays .(gave 3 solutions with complexity )

5. F-F Round 4 (AA round :- as appropriate )
i) discussion started with my college and studies and grades.
ii) moved on to how bing can scale up to google ? can it defeat
iii) whats the probability that it can defeat google.
iv) What are new features that can be implemented
v) views on bing fighting google.

Thanks a lot geeks for geeks 🙂

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