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Microsoft IDC interview Experience | Set 47 (For 1.7 Years Experienced)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 02 Feb, 2015
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For Microsoft Bangalore CRM team.
Experience: 1.7 years.

Round 1:(Written test)
Question 1 : Given a binary search tree . Print its level order traversal in reverse order level wise .eg if level order is 1234567 then required output was 1327654

Question 2: Given a binary search tree , Print its zig zag traversal .

Complete syntactically correct code was required with all corner cases covered .

He asked me to Introduce myself and then started asking me about my project

1. Print the given matrix in spiral order .

Code should be syntactically correct with all corner cases handled in a single attempt.

2.Count all possible decodings of a given digit sequence .

Initially I started off with a recursive solution and came up with Dynamic programming solution afterwards. Full working code was required without any corner case missing.

He asked to list down all the possible test cases for the given scenario . He was very particular about the Test cases .

He asked me to introduce myself.

1.He asked me about the current project which i m working on.. and a few questions on the technologies which were used in the project.He was very particular about my project discussion.

2. Given a linked list consisting of String in each Node . Given just a pointer to the head Node , I was required to find whether the resultant String formed by combining all the Nodes of the linked list is a palindrome or not .

eg – Consider this linked List structure

“aba” -> “cd” -> “efe” -> “d” -> “caba”

Hence this structure is palindrome . Was required to check for palindrome online as Linked List length could be infinite at any point of time .

I was required to discuss and write full code on the whiteboard starting from Node structure to the end logic .

After that i was required to list down Test Cases for the same .

He asked me to walk him through my resume.

1. Why Microsoft?
2. Why do u want to leave your current company?
3. Deep discussion on the current project which Iā€™m working on.
4. Write code for the crossword puzzle game .I said I have not played it earlier .

He then asked me to discuss and write code for Sudoku game in whiteboard. I wrote it using Backtracking

5. Suggest some improvement which u can carry out in Microsoft Office .

Round-5 (HR)
1.Discussion on current compensation etc.

A big Thanks to GeeksforGeeks for providing such a brilliant platform for interview preparation .Keep up the good work šŸ™‚

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