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Microsoft IDC Interview Experience | Set 38 (For Internship)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 28 Oct, 2014
Geek Week

I completed my internship at MS-IDC this summer. Here is my interview experience.

Round 1(Online MCQ):
Varying level of difficulty. 15 MCQs. Topics: C/C++, data structures, DBMS, OS, Networking

Round 2(Coding test-online):
Two coding questions were given. Fairly simple. One was to print nth element from last in a linked list. Other was to convert a number to base 4 number

Round 3(Telephonic Round):
He asked me about myself, and a couple of questions from ethical hacking(I had written about it in my CV). Then he asked me to develop an online chess game. The entire class definition, data structures to be used and graphics implementation etc were discussed.

The interviews were held in a college in Delhi.

Round 4:
Firstly he asked me about myself, then my projects. Then he asked me to write a code to remove comments from a C file. Then he asked me the approach to detect a loop in a linked list. Then he asked me to design a system that would add two polynomials.

Round 5:
He gave me a very tough question of graphs. It was similar to a traveling salesman problem but had two paths, one path or no path to every other city. One possible way of reaching the other city was via plane and the other was a taxi. The salesman had a fixed number of coupons for both taxi and plane. He had to save maximum coupons at the end. Then, test cases for this problem. I wasn’t the only interviewee in this round. I had another person sitting next to me. He was rejected while I made it through.

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