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Microsoft IDC Interview Experience (For Full Time)

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2018
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Round-1(Online test)

The first online round was on Co-Cubes which comprised of 3 coding questions (Test Duration: 75 mins) :-

  1. Given a string, find the first non-repeating character in it. (2 marks)

  1. Given a date in the format (DD/MM/YYYY), find the day of the week. (3 marks)
  2. Delete N nodes after M nodes. (5 marks)

Around 40 were selected after this round.

Round-2 (Written Test)

This round comprised of 2 coding questions (45 mins)

  1. Given a unix path as a string, find the current path of the directory.

Eg: “a/./b/../c” – “a/c”

I used the concept of Deque, though it can be solved through stack.

  1. Given a number, count no of decodings.

Some extra cases were given, which had to be handled.

Suggestions :- Mention time and space complexity explicitly after the code completion. Avoid any cuttings and errors.

Time was very less and good time management was required.

Around 15 were selected after this round.

Round-3 (Technical Interview)

1)Question from my project. He asked me about my summer internship and the selection procedure. Then he asked me about my project including workflow, efficiency consideration and various typical questions. I answered all of them.

2)He gave me first question. In a parliament, there are 500 constituencies, each constituency stand for a vote and there are [0, m] votes that can be casted. Tell which constituency will win. In a parliament the constituency which get more that 50% of votes will be a winner. I generated various test cases and confirmed the answer from him. I conveyed my approach handling all corner cases. He was satisfied with my approach.

3)Given an array of integers, find the largest number which can be formed. I again generated various test cases to confirm the question. Later, I discussed my approach and was asked to code. He checked by taking various test cases.

4)Later, he asked me to implement tic tac toe and some discussion on best possible data structure to be implemented.

The interviewer was really helpful and the round ended well.

 Round-4(Technical Interview)

1)Given N-ary tree, find the length of the longest path of the consecutive integers. I discussed the approach to which I was asked to code.

2)Given pairs [m, n] such that in a race, position of m>n i.e. m finishes race before n. Find the order in which all the players finish the race. Being a sportsperson, it wasn’t difficult to crack this one!

The interviewer seems to be satisfied. I was waiting for the next round.

Tips:- Always discuss the first approach you have in your mind and then think for the optimised solution.

Around 9 were selected after this round.

Round-5(HR + Technical)

1) Given a string, replace the substring with a value present in the map. I discussed the approach and one of the test cases failed to which I was asked to rethink my solution. I discussed another approach to which he said ok.

2) Question from project. I did a project using ruby on rails. I was asked about some security checks which can be implemented in a website as a developer and various gems implementation. The discussion went till hacking and I tried answering them. The interviewer asked me some basic questions on my other projects.

At the end, I was among one of the four selects!

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