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Microsoft IDC Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Microsoft IDC came to our campus for hiring summer intern in area of software development. My experience was really awesome as I had given my first interview. These were virtual interviews due to this CORONA PANDEMIC. I think that in virtual interviews, one of the great benefit is- Stress Level and nervousness-level is too much reduced. In my case, this thing really help me a lot.  

Coming to my experience:

Round 1: It was online coding round. In this round, we were given three coding questions. First two questions were very easy of my set as compared to my other friend’s set.  

First Question was: We have given two strings. We have to check that the both strings are anagram of each other. I solved it using mapping.

Second Question was: We have given an array. We have to make every element of that array equal by subtracting and adding the numbers (only from the numbers given in the array), so finally we have to count the number of subtractions or additions (as both are equal) . I donot remember the exact problem. But it is quite easy.  

Third Question was: It was a famous dynamic programming question:

 I was not able to solve this question completely.

If you solved 2 out of 3, your chances of being shortlist are really high.

Out of around 100 students, they shortlist 40 students.

Round 2: This was virtual interview round. Interviewer was really awesome man and very helpful, nice person. He asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me only one coding question.

I have solved this question using brute-force O(n^2). But interviewer wanted O(n) solution from me. I was unable to find O(n) approach. But he gave me hints, at last due to time he said to write code of whichever solution I know. So, It was very bad round for me. But luckily I shortlisted for 3rd round.      

Round 3: This round was based on CS Fundamentals. Interviewer asked  me about my introduction. He asked me about my coding language. I said to him C++. Then he asked me about OOPs concept. Following questions he had asked:

1) What is OOPs?

2) Main parts of OOPs

3) Polymorphism Concept

4) Run-time Polymorphism


6) Primary key vs Foreign Key

7) Quick Sort

8) Merge Sort

9) Postfix and prefix expression

10) Also asked me some questions regarding my project.

I answered most of the questions. Successfully reached to HR round.

Round 4: This was HR round. The HR was really nice person. He asked me about everything what I have written on resume.  

In our campus, Microsoft hired 20 interns. (It was really a big number)

Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2020
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