Microsoft FTE Interview Experience 2019 | On Campus

Online Round :

Online Round was conducted on mettl platform

1. Simple Array manipulation question


3. Simple dp question

Group Fly Round :

Run length Encoding of the string IN-PLACE

Tech Round I :


2. He asked to optimize the above solution i.e., constant space solution

3. If RAM size is 4GB, if 4 processes of size 2GB are launched ! what happens ?( Virtual Memory )

4. Continuation of above question. if process size is not limited by size of main memory then what is its limitation (Logical Address Space )

5. Above written code has node->val ; Explain end to end how that memory location is accessed

6. Paging, Page Table, TLB ; Why Paging ?

7. Explain Semaphores, Mutex, Spinlocks and differences among them

8. what happens if while(1) is running continuously

Tech Round II:

1. Some simple question on binary trees

2. Add two linked lists with head pointer pointing to MSB digit of the number

3. Explain Paging, page replacement Algorithms

4. Thread safe and thread unsafe functions

5. Continuation of above, how can you transform a thread unsafe function into thread safe function

Hint: Explained above using rand() and rand_r() -> Reentrant Version of rand() ;

6. Query Optimisation in DBMS

7. Indexing in DBMS

Tech Round III  + HR :

1. Maximum subarray sum problem ( Kadane’s Algorithm )

2. Given a BST, find the kth largest element

3. Given an array containing 0’s and other numbers. Reaarange the array IN_PLACE such that all zeroes come front without changing the ordering of other numbers

Ex: i/p arr = { 6, 2, 0, 5, 8, 9, 0, 56, 78};

o/p arr = { 0, 0, 6, 2, 5, 8, 9, 56, 78 };

Time Complexity O(n)

4. Given an array of size n + m where first n elements are sorted and rest m elements are not sorted ; Sort the whole array IN_PLACE !

Final Verdict : Selected!

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