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Microsoft Interview Experience for Associate Consultant (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2020
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Due to covid-19, this year’s hiring procedure was purely online. The eligibility criteria this year was as follows:

  1. Undergraduate CGPA- 7.5
  2. Class XII- 80%
  3. Class X- 80%.

There were 90 students from my college who were eligible for the online test. There were four rounds in total:

  • Online Test
  • Technical Interview I
  • Technical Interview II
  • HR interview

Online test: This comprised of four sections namely aptitude, computer fundamentals, coding, essay writing. The aptitude was a pretty average level. If you’ve been preparing aptitude for campus placement, it should suffice for it. Computer fundamentals included MCQ questions on concepts of OS, DBMS, DSA, CN, OOP, SE. The coding round had 2 coding questions of easy to medium level.

All the sections were timed and had sectional cutoff. 
The results came in like 10 days.

Of the 90 students that appeared for the online test, 22 qualified for the first technical interview.

Technical Interview I: The interviewer mostly asked questions related to your resume and some standard core subjects you did in your second or third year. You were judged not just amongst your college students but with students of other colleges as well because the panel was taking interviews of students of many colleges on the same day.

It started with a brief introduction of yourself, an explanation of your internships and projects, and then questions were asked from OS, DBMS, OOPS, and some easy level code using any language of your choice.

You can also expect a few questions on the concept of SDLC. Some students were even asked a few concepts of Automata and Computer Graphics and some standard puzzles like 3 switches and a bulb. 

The interview lasted for an hour or an hour and a half.

Of the 22 students qualified for Technical Interview I, 13 qualified for Technical Interview II.

Technical Interview II: For most of my batch mates, it was more of a managerial round that lasted for 15-20 minutes where you were given certain situations and you had to answer what would you do in that case.

But my second technical interview lasted for around 50 minutes and was purely technical wherein the interviewer asked me in detail about my project and internships, and then asked me about the concepts of cloud ( basically why we use it and various services like IAAS, PAAS, SAAS) and things related to Microsoft Azure (this was not a part of my resume). 
Since my project was done using Deep Learning and Computer Vision, the interviewer also asked me how I could use it to help in the present scenario of Covid-19 and that how can people in rural areas benefit from it.

Of the 13 people qualified for Technical Interview II, 10 qualified for HR interview.

Final Round(HR): This was a typical HR interview where you were asked to tell about yourself and where do you see yourself in 5 years and similar other standard HR questions.
I was asked about cloud computing and some OOP concepts in this round as well, but almost everyone else had just 10-15 mins general HR interview.

Everyone who qualified for an HR interview got the offer and no one was eliminated.

Few keys to remember:

  • Don’t lie on your resume. If you have very little knowledge of something, do not mention it.
  • Too many projects are not a very good idea as a fresher on your resume if you have not done them on your own or if you are not familiar much with the whole working of your project(even your teammate’s part).
  • Expect questions from OS, DBMS, OOP, DSA (even if you have not mentioned them in your resume).
  • Do not interrupt the interviewer. In online interviews, the audio and video sometimes lag, so there might be a chance that you might sound interrupting the interviewer. General advice would be to wait for at least 3-4 seconds after the interviewer stops speaking.
  • Ask questions if you have not understood what the interviewer actually wants to ask.
  • Be confident and honest in what you say and never exaggerate anything.
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