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Microsoft Azure – Using Github Action in Azure App Service

Last Updated : 03 Apr, 2023
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In this article, we will learn how to use GitHub Actions from Azure App Service. GitHub Actions enables us to automate builds and deployments which results in better quality software. 

For the purpose of demonstration, let’s use it from this Azure App Service Web App that we’ve already created. This is a new web app, and we haven’t deployed an app into it yet. 

Now let’s go to the Deployment Center and there we’ll select “GitHub” as we currently have an ASP.NET core app in a GitHub repository. 

For this, we first need to authorize Azure to access our GitHub account.

Now we’ll select “GitHub Actions” as the build provider, and continue.

Now we need to configure it. Our code is in a GitHub repository. The runtime stack is already good. So let’s continue.

 This is the workflow configuration that describes the GitHub Action workflow. 

At this point, the deployment will work. It will have the GitHub repo that we used. There is also the workflow file of the GitHub Action, which the Deployment Center created for us.

Now let’s go to the Actions menu

Here on the left are all the GitHub Action workflows, which we have only one of, and on the right are the workflow runs that happen so far.

We can also drill down into it to see all the steps that it took. We can see the details of each step. 

Automating your build and deployment process improves the quality of your software. GitHub Actions allow you to easily automate your builds and deployments and integrate with Azure App Service. 

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