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Microsoft Azure – Setup Budget Alert and Configure Email Notification

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  • Last Updated : 15 Nov, 2022
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Budgets Alert is a Cost Management tool in Microsoft Azure that helps you to get notified about your active azure subscription spending to proactively manage the costs of your azure resources which are being used. With these Azure budget alerts, you can track and monitor spending. This also helps to analyze the cost and to manage your budget to save the cost of the project.

Setting up budget alerts helps you or your project team to monitor the cost of azure resources that are being used and utilized. Let’s get started by creating one for your Azure subscription.

Process To Create a Budget Alert:


  • Active Azure Subscription
  • RBAC Role Access: Owner or Contributor or Cost Management Contributor

You can use any one of the following to create a budget alert.  

  • Azure portal 
  • PowerShell
  • Azure Resource Manager template


Follow the below steps to create a budget alert for your azure subscription from the Azure portal.

Step 1: Log in to Azure Portal with your active Azure Subscription account and access your target Subscription from Subscriptions.

Azure Portal


Step 2: Select your Azure Subscription >> from the left menu search/navigate to Cost Management and select Budgets

Budgets in Cost Management


Step 3: Now, Click on +Add on the top and continue to create a budget alert for your active or target Azure subscription.

Budget Portal


Step 4:  The next step is to fill in the budget details like the Name of the budget, your budget Reset period, budget creation date, and budget expiration date. In the budget, the amount section adds your preferred budget amount threshold. (Refer to the below Image)

Budget Config


Step 5: Click on the Next button at the bottom >> Set alerts >> Configure alert conditions and email notifications based on your spending>> Click on Create.

Alert Condition Setup


Your configured budget evaluation will begin in a few hours once the creation is done. You are notified based on your alert configuration.

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