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Microsoft Azure – Opportunities in the Cloud with Azure SQL

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Once you get to Azure SQL, there are a lot of other opportunities in the Cloud. There are a lot of other services once you’re in Azure that you can start to leverage and integrate to build really interesting, powerful, intelligent solutions and applications for things like IoT, or streaming, or automation, or all sorts of things. 

Building Modern Apps With Azure SQL:

  • IoT
  • Analytics
  • Streaming
  • Visualizations
  • Automation
  • Notification
  • Alerting
  • Web/Mobile

Take look at the bottom of the below image:

Hybrid Architecture

Just remember that even if you’re migrating from SQL Server to Azure SQL, there are still opportunities for hybrid scenarios to connect your SQL to Azure SQL. But once you’re in the Cloud, look at all the above icons, they all represent things that would take a great deal of effort for you to build in your data center and support across your organization, that would be amazing. But because you’re in Azure, Microsoft has built these solutions. 

 Any one of these things is all about data or the processing of data. They all tie into a data store like Azure SQL. Throughout the Microsoft documentation, they have a whole section dedicated to Azure architectures. It’s very helpful. There’s a lot of examples out there.

As Something, we hear a lot and that we’re continuing to put out new solutions and new code for this architecture specifically. As we mentioned, it’s part of the Azure Architecture Center guides

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Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2023
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