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Microsoft Azure – Get CPU Utilization Data of a Azure VM in Azure Portal

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Azure Virtual Machines (VM) is one of several types of on-demand, scalable computing resources that Azure offers. In this article, we will look into the process of getting the CPU Utilization data of an Azure VM in Azure Portal.


Follow the steps to get the CPU Utilization of an Azure VM in Azure Portal:

Step 1: Log in to your Azure Portal.

Step 2: Go to Virtual Machines and select your azure VM.

Step 3: After choosing your select Azure VM, from page left menu navigate to Monitoring >> select Metrics

Step 4:  Select Scope >> your select azure VM (Here, In this case, VM Name is “CloudOpsVM”)

  • Select Metric Namespace == Virtual Machine Host

  • Next, Choose the Metric == “Percentage CPU” and Aggregation == “Avg”

  • Select Time Generated Last 30 Days (You can select any number of days according to your need)

Note: You can only fetch up to last 90 days collected logs data. This is by default in azure. 

In the same way if you want data for Last 7 Days. Select Time Generated Last 7 Days (Top right corner of the Image)

Additional Tips :

You can also get the visualization charts for Max and Min as Well. For that follow step 4 instead of Aggregation == “Avg” choose any of the following below.

Aggregation == “Max” for Maximum CPU Utilization or Aggregation == “Min” for Minimum CPU Utilization. (Refer below Screenshot)

That’s it you are done.

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Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2023
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