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Microsoft Azure – Enable Azure Monitor VM Insights Agent For Azure VM

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Azure Monitor VM Insights Agent enables you to get more visibility into the health and performance of your Azure VM. Here we’ll see how we can enable Azure Monitor VM Insights to monitor the health, performance, and dependencies of azure virtual machines.


Follow the below steps to enable Azure Monitor VM insights agents for an Azure VM:

Step 1: Log in to Azure Portal

Step 2: Select your azure VM which you want to enable Azure Monitor VM Insights from Virtual Machines

Step 3: After selecting your VM navigate to Insights and click on Enable button to set up Azure Monitor VM Insights for the select VM.

Note: VM should be in running state to enable the VM Insights Monitor Agent.

Step 4: Setup VM Logs Destination:

  • Select the monitoring workspace where you will store your data >> for that Select Workspace Subscription and Log Analytics Workspace

VM Insight Agent takes around 15 minutes to configure the virtual machine and the monitoring data to appear.


  • Click on File systems and Memory to expand the properties health status

You can view the Performance of a VM by Clicking on the Performance Tab, You can also view Map and health, and more.

Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2023
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