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Microsoft Azure – Create SHH Key to Manage Azure Linux VMs

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Creating an SSH key resource allows you to manage and use public keys stored in Azure with Linux virtual machines.

Here In this article, we will be creating an SSH Key to manage Azure Linux Virtual Machines in Azure by using a public key. Let’s get started by creating a one in Azure.

Create SHH Key in Azure:

Follow the steps to create an SSH key in the Azure portal.

Step 1: Log in to Azure Portal.

Step 2: Go to top search bar and search for SSH Keys. Select SSH Keys and then click + Create from the top left of your screen.

Step 3: Fill up the Basic Details

  • Select a subscription that you manage resources and costs. Create or use an Existing Resource Group >> Azure Region will inherit from Resource Group by default.
  • In Key pair name provide your new key pair name
  • For SSH public key source – select Generate new key pair

Step 4: Adding Tags (Optional)

Step 5: Click on Review + create to create an SSH Key resource

Step 6: Once the SSH Key created you can get the SSH Public key from Resource Overview Section.


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Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2023
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