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Microsoft Azure – Create Project in Azure Devops using Agile Process

Last Updated : 03 Apr, 2023
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Agile Process is used when a team uses Agile planning methods, including Scrum, and used to track development and test activities separately. Agile provides different work items using these work items you can track different types of work [ features, user stories, and tasks] based on Agile principles and values.

Step 1: Go to Azure DevOps Portal and  Sign in with your Microsoft Account. You will also need to choose your Organization (If you don’t have an organization create one)


Step 2: Create Project with Agile Process in Azure Devops

  • Click on New Project button on the top right corner.

  • Enter information into the Panel that opens:
    • Enter the name of your project.
    • Project name can’t contain special characters such as / : \ ~ & % ; @ ‘ ” ? < > | # $ * } { , + = [ ], can’t begin with an underscore and must be 64 or fewer characters.
    • Enter the description this field is optional.
    • Choose the visibility of either public or private.
      • Public: With public visibility, anyone on the internet has the right to view your project.
      • Private: With private visibility, only people to whom you give access can view your project.
      • Choose the right version control.
      • Choose the Work Item Process.

Step 3: Click the Create button. Navigated to Welcome page. You can choose one of the options display on the welcome screen to continue.

Step 4: Overview of work item types available in the Agile process

  • Below is the list of work item types available in the Agile process
    • Bug : Bug is something that is missed or implemented in the wrong way.
    • Epic : Epic is something that represents the business initiative to be accomplished.
    • Feature : A feature typically represents a shippable component of the software. Suppose we have an application working fine on the server and we want to improve its user experience (epic) so things required to improve the user experience comes under (feature).
    • Issue: Any custom type (to implement something not listed under the given work item)
    • Task: Task is the smallest unit of work. We can create multiple tasks under one User story or Bug.
    • Test Case: It is used when we want to write the test case for a particular feature.
    • User story: User story is the implementation of new work.

  • Work items relationship in Agile process: 
    • On the top we have Epic, we can create multiple features under one epic.
    • Under each feature, we can create multiple user stories.
    • Under each User Story, we can create multiple tasks.
    • Under each Bug, we can create multiple tasks.
    • The issue is something that is very independent.

  • The Test plan is something that is used by the QA and these test plans are used to write proper test steps on a particular feature.


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