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Microsoft Azure – Concept of Blob Versioning in Azure Storage

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In this article, we will learn how to use Blob versioning in Azure Storage. Azure Storage can automatically version Blobs for you. Let’s see how that works. In the Azure portal, we already have an Azure Storage account. To use Blob versioning, we need to enable it from the “Data protection” menu of the Blob section.

 We just need to enable versioning and save it. 

Now let’s use it. Here in containers, we already have a Blob container. 

Let’s upload a new file to it. We have a simple text file that contains a simple text as shown below:

Upload it to the container. 

Now, let’s do that again. This is the same file, but let’s change its contents to Version 2 and save it. 

We also indicate that it needs to overwrite the existing file, and “Upload”. 

Let’s do it one more time. Again, we’ll use the same file, and again, we’ll change the version text inside the file and “Upload” it again.

Now, we can go to the context menu of this Blob and see the previous versions of it. 

All the previous versions will be listed as shown below:

Let’s take a look at one of them, this one. As we can see this is Version 1 of the file. 

 Let’s check the other versions as well. As we can see this is Version 2 as expected. 

So just to be sure, let’s check the current Blob. We’ll “Download” it, and open it, and this is Version 3, the current version. 

Being able to download and revert versions of files is incredibly powerful and protects you from losing data. Azure Storage can help with this using Blob versioning. 

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Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2023
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