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Microsoft Azure – App Settings in Azure App Services

Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2023
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In this article, you will learn how to work with App Settings in Azure App Service. In Azure Application Services, you can use App Settings to store and change configuration information without having to change any of your application code. 


Follow the below steps to work with App settings in the Azure App service:

Step 1: If you go over to Visual Studio inside of your index, that HTML from your web page, you will have a configuration manager instance grabbing the environment setting out of App Settings.


Step 2: Back inside of the Azure portal,  go to the application instance. If you scroll down to the settings section and click on application settings, and then you scrolled down even further, you’ll see your application setting entry for environments.


Step 3:  If you head back to overview, and now click on the URL from the website, you will see here that you are displaying the value out of your application setting.


Step 4:  If you go back to the portal and go back to application settings, scroll down and update this value. Now, as you refresh the page, you’ll see now that it has the new value being displayed on the page.


Thats all it takes to work with app settings in azure app services.

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