Microland interview experience (on-campus internship + FTE)

Microland visited our campus to offer 6 months internship and full time employment. The eligible branches were CSE, IT, ECE and EEE. The GPA cut-off was 7.00.There were a total of 3 rounds(online test+2 rounds interview).

    1. Online test
      The test consisted of 2 coding questions and general aptitude MCQs. Each section had some individual time limit. The coding questions were easy – moderate level.
    2. Technical Interview
      This was less of an interview but more of general discussion. We discussed about my interests, extensively about the projects, my weaknesses, strengths etc. The interview lasted for 45 mins. and most of the time me and the interviewer were laughing.
    3. Final interview
      11 students were shortlisted for the next round. This round had all the 6 people to take interview together of each candidate. The interview lasted for about 20 minutes. They asked questions about the projects I had done. Some SQL questions were asked. Some more general questions and the interview got over.

4 students were offered internship + FTE. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them.

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