MicroFocus Interview Experience | Set 2 (On Campus)

Round 1:

It consisted of a written test, which had 50 aptitude questions (quants and Java programming related questions). It also had one Coding question which was related to Inheritance in C++.

Round 2:

Round 2 was divided into two technical rounds. In the first one, the interviewer asked about these things :

  • Difference between malloc and new.
  • Difference between delete and free.
  • About extern keyword in C.
  • Use of static keyword and how static global variables are different from global variables.
  • What is compiler and what is linking.
  • Why do you need multiple inheritance.
  • Why we don’t have multiple inheritance  in Java.
  • Why you didn’t learn Java. (As I was from non CS engineering background)
  • What do you know about keyword virtual in C++.
  • What is Dynamic Binding? Difference between Dynamic and Static binding.
  • What is Polymorphism and give an example for the same.
  • What is virtual memory? Where exactly it’s present?
  • Do we have any size restriction for Virtual memory or not?
  • How you will print “Hello World” without using semicolon in C.
  • What is your favourite Data Structure and why?
  • Since, I went with lnked list, he asked me to represent linked list and explain it to him.
  • Coding question to be solved on a paper: How you will find the intersection point of two singly linked list. Find it out here https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/write-a-function-to-get-the-intersection-point-of-two-linked-lists/

In the second technical round these were the questions :

  • How was your first technical round?
  • How was your Aptitude round?
  • Why MicroFocus?
  • What is the difference between malloc and new?
  • What is smart pointer in C++?
  • What do you know about threading ? (As my project was based on that)
  • Why threading? What are it’s features?
  • How you will communicate between threads?
  • What are the different OS you know?
  • What makes Linux different? and why Linux? (I went with “htop” command)
  • What are processes and how they are different from threads?
  • Methods of InterProcess Communication?
  • Then he asked me if I had any questions to him or not. I asked how will be the environment at MicroFocus.

Round 3:

HR round:

  • About my family background.
  • What are the different sports you are interested in?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • What do you do at weekends?
  • What was the cricket score when you entered? (It was Ind vs NZ and yes..it was #CWC semis)
  • What are your hobbies? Which was the recent book you read?

That’s it. All three of the Interviewers were kind and encouraging. All the technical questions can be tackled if one reads GeeksforGeeks’s respective contents very well and one needs to hold a strong grip on basics.


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