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Microchip On-Campus Interview Experience (Software Role)

  • Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2019

They visited our college in January 2019

First round:Test is on GradeMe Platform

Total-51 Questions–60 minutes
Aptitude: 10 Q
Technical: 20Q (Pseudocode)
Testing :4Q

Second round: Technical Round 1
SE: SDLC Life cycle, Agile Methodology, Various s/w Models, System Testing
Projects mentioned in resume
DBMS: SQL Queries
Java: Basics Questions on Inheritance, Polymorphism, Static class etc..
OS: Semaphore, Deadlock, Virtual Memory

Third round: Technical round 2

Coding: Sorting questions and Time complexity of various sorting algorithms
Simple coding questions such as Fibonnacci..
Coding question on Number Series and Pattern Matching
WEB: CSS, HTML, Ordered and unordered list, Table tag
Form tag, GET and PUT
DBMS:RDBMS and some nested queries and aggreagte Functions
Puzzles- One or Two

Fourth Round:HR round

About Yourself, Family
some questions based on Resume

Fifth Round:Interview with senior Manager

About Yourself, Family
some questions based on Resume
About Higher studies
some Technical questions
About Carrer Plans.

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