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Merkle Sokrati Interview Experience for Software Design Engineer Intern

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
Geek Week

Merkle Sokrati is India’s leading digital ad technology, paid search, and big data analytics firm, with proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence, and automation at its backbone. 

Application Process: Soon after applying for the Software Design Engineer Intern position, I got a call where I was asked to introduce myself and schedule a phone interview.  Each further round was an elimination round.

Round 1(Phone Interview): I got a phone call on the scheduled date. 

  • At first, I was asked to introduce myself and tell about my experiences. Then the interviewer began asking questions on Object-Oriented Programming(OOP).
  • The questions covered almost all Object-Oriented Programming concepts. I was also asked to explain JDK, JVM, and JRE.  Finally, I had to tell SQL query about finding the second maximum entry.
  • It was a 45 minutes interview and a week later I got an invitation to the Technical Interview.

Round 2(Technical Interview): This interview was face-to-face on Microsoft Teams. 

  • It began with my introduction. I was asked to explain one of the projects mentioned in my resume and few other questions on the project and the tech stack used. 
  • Then began the coding interview. It was on a live code pairing site. 
  • It was a 30 minutes interview and I was asked the below problem. Problem:
  • I had to write the entire code for the problem and run few test cases.
  • I was able to solve the problem and a week later I came to know that I had cleared both rounds and had to take a psychometric test.

Round 3(Psychometric Test):  The test consisted of 100 questions without a time limit. They were based on the company’s values and general ethics.

Two days later I got my offer for Software Design Engineer Intern Position at Merkle Sokrati. 

Only a few applicants finally got the offer and I was one of them.

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