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Merkle Sokrati Interview Experience | Business Analyst

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2019
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There was an on campus drive of Merkle Sokrati at our college. Initially there was a pre-placement talk. It is a digital marketing company

Recruitment Process:

Round 1: Online test + Psychometric test

A total of 100 students appeared for the test. There was an online test which consist of 3 sections – Quantitative, Logical and Verbal. The questions were mostly easy. Each section has a time limit and each section has 15 questions. Once you go to the next section, you cant revert back to the previous section.

There was also a psychometric test which test the psychology of an individual and also the physical characteristics of an individual. The psychometric test was also an elimination test. It was an MCQ based exam and there were a total of 100 questions for which the options were agree, strongly agree, disagree or strongly disagree. This test checks the loyalty of a person and also checks whether the person is best suitable for this company or not.

Round 2: Guesstimate test and Case study

Only 39 students were selected for this round. Most of the students were eliminated on psychometric test. This round was basically a face to face interview. Every individual was made to guess for a certain problem. The answer to the problem was important but the approach to the problem was more important than the solution. For example-

1)How many persons are wearing red caps in india now?

2)How many people are using facebook right now? These problems don’t have an exact solution but they will check out for the approach on how are we proceeding to guess the solution to the problem.

There was also a case study. Every individual is assigned a case and we were asked about how we are going to deal in such a case. All were situation based questions.

1)You are in a desert. You have all the desired things u need in a desert. A huge air storm is going to come.What will you do?

2)You are the leader of the team. You and your team are assigned a project but one of your team member is not feeling good and he is unable to complete the work.How will you finish the work in a given time?

Round 3: HR Round

Only 8 students out of 39 were selected for this round. This round was a HR round. The interviewer asked basic questions about us.

1)Tell us about yourself?

2)Your hobbies?

3)Strength and weaknesses?

4)Are you a good team leader?Justify yourself with an example?

5)How much salary do you expect?

The interview process went very smooth and the interviewer were very close with us so we were comfortable with the interview process. 6 out of 8 students got selected for business analyst and i i was one of them. It was a very good experience.

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