Merge PDF stored in Remote server using Python

Prerequisites: Working with PDF files in Python

There are many libraries for manipulating PDF files in Python but all are using when that all PDF files already downloaded in your local machine. But what if your target PDF files are in Remote server, you have only URLs of files and no required download in your machine or compute server. Here We will discuss this problem and solution for the same.

Here we use the library of Python PyPDF2 for merging PDFs.

pip install PyPDF2

We will merge the same pdf file twice. Link to the pdf file used is here

Below is the implementation.





from io import BytesIO, SEEK_SET, SEEK_END
import PyPDF2 
import requests
# Create a class which convert PDF in
# BytesIO form
class ResponseStream(object):
    def __init__(self, request_iterator):
        self._bytes = BytesIO()
        self._iterator = request_iterator
    def _load_all(self):, SEEK_END)
        for chunk in self._iterator:
    def _load_until(self, goal_position):
        current_position =, SEEK_END)
        while current_position < goal_position:
                current_position = self._bytes.write(next(self._iterator))
            except StopIteration:
    def tell(self):
        return self._bytes.tell()
    def read(self, size = None):
        left_off_at = self._bytes.tell()
        if size is None:
            goal_position = left_off_at + size
    def seek(self, position, whence = SEEK_SET):
        if whence == SEEK_END:
  , whence)
# Merge PDFs using URL List
url_list = ["lis of URL"]
target_pdf_path = './Merged.pdf'
pdf_writer = PyPDF2.PdfFileWriter()
for url in url_list:
    response = requests.get(url)
    reader = PyPDF2.PdfFileReader(ResponseStream(response.iter_content(64)))
    for page in range(reader.getNumPages()):
# write to output file
with open(target_pdf_path, 'wb') as g:



The merged pdf file created is here

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