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Mentor Graphics (Siemens) Interview Experience (For Experience – 3 yrs) | Sr. MTS

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  • Last Updated : 27 May, 2021
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For Hyderabad Location 

1. Written: 
a. One practice question, find the peek elements in the array, such that adjacent elements are smaller than the element. 
b. Aptitude 15 questions MCQ 
c. Backend (Java) OR Web (Javascript) MCQ 
d. 3 Programming Questions: 
~ Given an unsorted array, find the length of the longest contiguous subarray product. 
~ Given a BST, print the all nodes which do not have siblings in preorder fashion. 
~ Reverse a given linked list on groups of K. 

2. F2F (Round 1): 
a. Given a n-array tree, find all the paths from root to leaf nodes. 
b. Given a binary tree, find the number of subtrees which has all the nodes is that entire subtree with same node data value. 
c. Given n number of rectangles, find the union of all rectangles (only algorithm). 

3. F2F (Round 2): 
a. Given n jobs with start and end time with CPU load in particular duration is provided. Find the maximum load possible during any time interval. 

4. F2F (Round 3): 
a. Given an infinite grid with a robot whose commands are, “L” – to turn left, “R” – to turn right and “M” – to move one block. Here, the “L” & “R” wont be moving the robot, but will surely change direction and accordingly, depending on which direction (N, E, W, S) the robot is, robot’s movement(x & y direction) will change. Now, given a string of Instructions(eg. – “LMMRLLRM”), figure out 
or weather not the starting and ending positions of robot are same ? 
b. Given a Binary tree where some of its subtrees are BST, return the root node of such a BST which has maximum number of nodes. 

5. F2F(Round 4): 
a. Given the stock prices on different days(represented by indexes of array), return the indexes of the buying and selling prices in order to attain maximum profit. 
b. One question on graph traversal, which I don’t remember. 

6. F2F (Round 5): 
a. Few tricky puzzles. 
b. Design a custom Iterator in Java, which will have same methods like hashNext() and next(), but the user will be able to provide the starting index(m) from which the iteration will start and 
then once it reaches the end, it will start from beginning index (0th index) and print till (m-1)th index. After that asked to write whole code for the class. 
c. Design a computer system for the game Tic-Tac-Toe with intelligence. 

  • contributed by Ashish 🙂


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