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Mentor Graphics Interview | Set 5 (For Software Developer)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2018
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Round 1: Written Test  :

It consisted of aptitude, Java/C++ questions(based on profile), Questions on DS/Algo (have to code on online compiler).

Round 2: Technical Interview Round:

Questions in depth about background and tech stack mentioned in Resume.

1 Q on DS : Given BTree having next pointer, we need to populate successor for each and every node in BTree.

Question on Design Patterns(Singleton, Adapter, Factory), TDD, BDD, Solid principles.

Round 3: Technical Interview Round:

Questions on current project in detail and challenges involved in it.

2Q on Linked List :

  1. Convert BTree to Singly Linked List.
  2. Reverse node pairs in Linked List.

Discussion on time-space complexities for the solutions provided.

Round 4: Technical Interview Round:

1 Stack Q:

Create a stack DS which also provides min operation in O(1) time along with standard operations.

1 LinkedList Q:

Delete a node in Linked List given the pointer only to node to be deleted.

Last Q:

Given an positive integer n, we need to output number of 2’s present in numbers from 0 to n.

Rest of the discussion went on about my current role and my expectations.

Round 5: HR Round:

Asked if I know about mentor graphics and the domain. Few HR questions further.

Overall, Interview process was smooth and easy.

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