Meeami Technologies Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Circuit branches were allowed (test was different based on streams).

For CSE :

Round1 (offline) –
Written test-50 multiple choice questions.
Questions mostly covered from C code snippets, pointers and some aptitude questions.
10 students are short listed for next round.

Round 2 (in their office) –
They have given us 3 coding questions based on
Bit algorithms, strings and pointers.

Round 3 (Technical round) –
They have asked the approach of written coding questions with detailed explanation and also from round -1 paper.
Questions were on C like pointers, Storage classes, pass by value & pass by reference and memory allocation.
Also covered from data structures like Linked list (reverse of a linked list & middle element of a linked list).
Being confident and honesty plays a major role.

Round 4 (HR) –
Basic HR questions.

Finally 4 students were selected.

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