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Given an array of integers, find length of the longest subarray which contains numbers that can be arranged in a continuous sequence. In the previous post,… Read More
1st round(coding): Given a tree, in which leaf nodes for a doubly-linked cycle Print cycle. Tell me if a binary tree is BST? 2nd round(problem… Read More
Given two positive integers n and k, print all increasing sequences of length k such that the elements in every sequence are from first n… Read More
Hello everyone! Cisco came to our campus for full time hiring of final year students. They had shortlisted candidates for the interviews on the basis… Read More
Phonic Interview ********************** 1. Let’s start with you introduction In between introduction he asked me about my some project work experience and How have you… Read More
Recently, Amazon visited our campus and I was interviewed for SDE position. Here is my Interview Experience: Online Round: (Duration – 90 minutes) 20 MCQs… Read More
Which of the following Binary Min Heap operation has the highest time complexity? (A) Inserting an item under the assumption that the heap has capacity… Read More
First Round: 1.Aptitude Questions, basically logical aptitude, Not the standard aptitude questions which we get in other companies, it included some questions of geometry, trigonometry,… Read More
Recently I got the opportunity to be interviewed for the position of MTS-1 at Adobe. Here is my Interview Experience: Written Round: Part A (50… Read More
Given a snake and ladder board, find the minimum number of dice throws required to reach the destination or last cell from source or 1st… Read More
Intuit visited our campus for summer internship for positions of Software developer and Software Quality Engineering. I was among the 5 people to be selected… Read More
PROFILE: SOFTWARE ENGINEER PAPER DURATION: 3 hours NO. OF QUESTIONS: 2 (20 marks each) MAXIMUM MARKS: 20*2 = 40 marks QUESTION 1: JSON Prettier:- Write… Read More
Online Round :(Duration – 90 minutes) 20 MCQs to solve and 2 coding questions. 20MCQs were on Algorithms,Data Structures, C Output, Quantitative Aptitude, etc. Coding… Read More
Online Round: An online written round was conducted on consisting of following sections: 1. General Aptitude – 15 questions 2. Logical Reasoning – 15… Read More
How many perfect matchings are there in a complete graph of 6 vertices ? (A) 15 (B) 24 (C) 30 (D) 60 Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
A given array represents a tree in such a way that the array value gives the parent node of that particular index. The value of… Read More
Which of the following is a valid first order formula ? (Here α and β are first order formulae with x as their only free… Read More
Which of the following scenarios may lead to an irrecoverable error in a database system ? (A) A transaction writes a data item after it… Read More
In a heap with n elements with the smallest element at the root, the 7th smallest element can be found in time (A) Θ(n log… Read More
Let T(n) be the number of different binary search trees on n distinct elements. Then , where x is (A) n-k+1 (B) n-k (C) n-k-1… Read More

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