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Given postorder traversal of a binary search tree, construct the BST.For example, if the given traversal is {1, 7, 5, 50, 40, 10}, then following… Read More
Given n items of different weights and bins each of capacity c, assign each item to a bin such that number of total used bins… Read More
Given a string, we need to print all possible palindromes that can be generated using letters of that string. Examples: Input: str = "aabcb" Output:… Read More
Given a word, find the lexicographically greater permutation of it. For example, lexicographically next permutation of “gfg” is “ggf” and next permutation of “acb” is… Read More
Introduction and Installation Grid System Buttons, Glyphicons, Tables Vertical Forms, Horizontal Forms, Inline Forms Progress Bar and Jumbotron Dropdown Menu Using Bootstrap: In bootstrap, dropdowns… Read More
Hacker Rank round 13 MCQ on java and android Find count of given words in the list of sentences Skype round (interview started late) 2… Read More
Background : Catalan numbers are defined using below formula: Catalan numbers can also be defined using following recursive formula. The first few Catalan numbers for… Read More
First shortlisted based on CGPA >= 7.5 and ONLY CSE student allowed to sit in interview. They(D-E-Shaw) had 2 phases of selection procedure. FIRST PHASE… Read More
Given two coins of denominations “X” and “Y” respectively, find the largest amount that cannot be obtained using these two coins (assuming infinite supply of… Read More
Given two points p (x1, y1) and q (x2, y2), calculate the number of integral points lying on the line joining them.Example : If points… Read More
We sometimes land up in a situation when various coding problems can be simplified to a mathematical formula but often finding that formula isn’t that straightforward… Read More
Function interposition is the concept of replacing calls to functions in dynamic libraries with calls to user-defined wrappers. What are applications? We can count number… Read More
Round 1: Online Test The online test was comprised of 107 MCQ questions including 2 programming codes to be done in 90 minutes. Platform used was… Read More
Given a binary tree, we need to find maximum value we can get by subtracting value of node B from value of node A, where… Read More
Given three positive numbers a, b and m. Compute a/b under modulo m. The task is basically to find a number c such that (b… Read More
Prerequisite: Regular Expressions in Java Quantifiers in Java allow users to specify the number of occurrences to match against. Below are some commonly used quantifiers… Read More
Every time you open your Facebook account, the first thing you see is your newsfeeds. All likes, comments, tags, status updates, shares and many more… Read More
Regular Expressions or Regex (in short) in Java is an API for defining String patterns that can be used for searching, manipulating, and editing a… Read More
We have discussed below data structures in previous two sets. Set 1 : Overview of Array, Linked List, Queue and Stack. Set 2 : Overview… Read More
Round 1: Q-1 Given an array os 0s and 1s, and another input m, I was supposed to tell the longest continuous streak of 1s… Read More

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