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I’m a 3rd year grad and amazon visited our campus. My interview had only 3 rounds. Round 1 (Online round 20 MCQ’s and 2 coding… Read More
What is an algorithm? Informally, an algorithm is any well-defined computational procedure that takes some value, or set of values, as input and produces some value,… Read More
When destroying instances of a derived class using a base class pointer object, a virtual destructor is used to free up memory space allocated by… Read More
In C++, stream insertion operator “<<” is used for output and extraction operator “>>” is used for input. We must know the following things before we… Read More
Let 1 represent ‘A’, 2 represents ‘B’, etc. Given a digit sequence, count the number of possible decodings of the given digit sequence.  Examples:  Input:… Read More
Hi, Below is my interview experience for Amazon for SDE-I position. Round-1(F2F) 1.) Traverse a binary tree in a spiral manner. (zig-zag manner) 2.) Given… Read More
Engineers from core branches like Electronics, Mechanical, Chemical today are often found chasing lucrative employment in fields like IT and analytics, areas unrelated to what… Read More
Given a binary tree in which each node element contains a number. Find the maximum possible sum from one leaf node to another. The maximum sum… Read More
In general, the array is considered a data structure for which size is fixed at the compile-time and array memory is allocated either from the… Read More
Consider the following log sequence of two transactions on a bank account, with initial balance 12000, that transfer 2000 to a mortgage payment and then… Read More
Inorder traversal of a Binary tree can either be done using recursion or with the use of a auxiliary stack. The idea of threaded binary… Read More
Constructor is a special member function that is automatically called by compiler when object is created and destructor is also special member function that is… Read More
Given a Perfect Binary Tree, reverse the alternate level nodes of the binary tree.  Given tree: a / \ b c / \ / \… Read More
Online round: 1) Program to check if two rectangles overlap. 2) Program to find if a given string, say S, contains another given string, say… Read More
In shellSort, we make the array h-sorted for a large value of h. We keep reducing the value of h until it becomes 1. An… Read More
I had three technical round of interviews. Two were telephonic followed by one skype interview with the team leader. 1st Round ->Whether a number is… Read More
Given a sorted array arr[] and a value X, find the k closest elements to X in arr[].  Examples:  Input: K = 4, X =… Read More
Given a string, check if it is a rotation of a palindrome. For example your function should return true for “aab” as it is a… Read More
In this article, we will be discussing smart pointers in C++. What are Smart Pointers, why, and how to use them properly? Pointers are used… Read More

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