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Two processes X and Y need to access a critical section. Consider the following synchronization construct used by both the processes. Here, varP and varQ… Read More
The equality above remains correct if X is replace by (A) Only I (B) Only II (C) I or III or IV but not II… Read More
Consider a typical disk that rotates at 15000 rotations per minute (RPM) and has a transfer rate of 50 × 106 bytes/sec. If the average… Read More
A half adder is implemented with XOR and AND gates. A full adder is implemented with two half adders and one OR gate. The propagation… Read More
Consider a simple checkpointing protocol and the following set of operations in the log. (start, T4); (write, T4, y, 2, 3); (start, T1); (commit, T4);… Read More
I recently had an interview with Compro Technologies, Delhi based firm, for Associate Software Developer. The process took 4 rounds .(via TalentGrids) 1) Online… Read More
Given below are some algorithms, and some algorithm design paradigms. List-I A. Dijkstra’s Shortest Path B. Floyd-Warshall algorithm to compute all pairs shortest path C.… Read More
Consider the intermediate code given below: 1. i = 1 2. j = 1 3. t1 = 5 * i 4. t2 = t1 +… Read More
A computer system implements a 40 bit virtual address, page size of 8 kilobytes, and a 128-entry translation look-aside buffer (TLB) organized into 32 sets… Read More
Consider a uniprocessor system executing three tasks T1, T2 and T3, each of which is composed of an infinite sequence of jobs (or instances) which… Read More
An algorithm performs (logN)1/2 find operations, N insert operations, (logN)1/2 delete operations, and (logN)1/2 decrease-key operations on a set of data items with keys drawn… Read More
Consider the operations f(X, Y, Z) = X’YZ + XY’ + Y’Z’  and  g(X, Y, Z) = X′YZ + X′YZ′ + XY Which one of… Read More
Suppose the following disk request sequence (track numbers) for a disk with 100 tracks is given: 45, 20, 90, 10, 50, 60, 80, 25, 70.… Read More
Consider the following relations: SELECT S. Student_Name, sum(P.Marks) FROM Student S, Performance P WHERE S.Roll_No = P.Roll_No GROUP BY S.Student_Name The number of rows that… Read More
Consider a 4 bit Johnson counter with an initial value of 0000. The counting sequence of this counter is: (A) 0, 1, 3, 7, 15,… Read More
Interplanetary trade: Hober Mallow wants to setup an inter-galactic trade which would allow trade between different planets. Each planet has its own set of currencies… Read More
Didn’t you buy _________ when you went shopping? (A) any paper (B) much paper (C) no paper (D) a few paper Answer: (A) Explanation: In… Read More
Predict the output of the following simple C++ program without any virtual function. #include <iostream> using namespace std;    class Base { public:     void print()… Read More
A complete binary tree is a binary tree whose all levels except the last level are completely filled and all the leaves in the last… Read More
Given a matrix where every row is sorted in increasing order. Write a function that finds and returns a common element in all rows. If… Read More