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Given an n x n square matrix, find sum of all sub-squares of size k x k where k is smaller than or equal to… Read More
SAP Labs Procedure consists of 5 rounds. 1) ONLINE EXAM 2) APPLICATION DESIGNE 3) TECHNICAL 4) MANAGERIAL 5) HR 1 Round: ONLINE EXAM First round… Read More
A and B are the only two stations on an Ethernet. Each has a steady queue of frames to send. Both A and B attempt… Read More
The number of different n × n symmetric matrices with each element being either 0 or 1 is: (Note: power(2, x) is same as 2x)… Read More
Identify the correct translation into logical notation of the following assertion. "Some boys in the class are taller than all the girls" Note : taller(x,y)… Read More
Which of the following is NOT true with respect to a transparent bridge and a router? (A) Both bridge and router selectively forward data packets… Read More
Consider an operating system capable of loading and executing a single sequential user process at a time. The disk head scheduling algorithm used is First… Read More
My Expedia Experience:- Online Test:- MCQs on almost all topics (DS, Algo, C, C++, OS, DBMS, Quant, Verbal) 2 coding problems:- 1. Rat in a… Read More
Hello friends, recently amazon visited our campus selecting 2 FTE and 7 interns for different roles. I would like to say about rejections. I’ve got… Read More
Morgan Stanley recently visited our campus for its full time Technology Analyst position and Summer Analyst (Intern) position. I applied for full time. There were… Read More
Consider the following floating point format Mantissa is a pure fraction in sign-magnitude form. The decimal number 0.239 × 213 has the following hexadecimal representation… Read More
Ques1. Find top 10 selling product given the count of sales of each product.  Ques2. Design a valet parking lot with basic use-case of assigning… Read More
So recently Amadeus Labs visited my college for Campus Placements and finally picked 10 students. It also offered us 6 month training before the job.… Read More
Let E1 and E2 be two entities in an E/R diagram with simple single-valued attributes. R1 and R2 are two relationships between E1 and E2,… Read More
Consider the languages: L1 = {anbncm | n, m > 0} L2 = {anbmcm | n, m > 0} Which one of the following statements… Read More
What are the eigenvalues of the following 2 × 2 matrix? (A) -1 and 1 (B) 1 and 6 (C) 2 and 5 (D) 4… Read More
Suppose T(n) = 2T (n/2) + n, T(0) = T(1) = 1 Which one of the following is FALSE? (A) T(n) = O(n2) (B) T(n)… Read More
Consider the following C-program: void foo(int n, int sum) {   int k = 0, j = 0;   if (n == 0) return;     k = n… Read More
Which one of the following statements about normal forms is FALSE? (A) BCNF is stricter than 3NF (B) Lossless, dependency-preserving decomposi­tion into 3NF is always… Read More
An organization has a class B network and wishes to form subnets for 64 departments. The subnet mask would be (A) (B) (C)… Read More