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Given two integers ‘a’ and ‘m’, find modular multiplicative inverse of ‘a’ under modulo ‘m’.The modular multiplicative inverse is an integer ‘x’ such that.  a… Read More
Recently, I was interviewed for Synopsys (R&D Engineer I). There were two telephonic rounds followed by 5 F2F rounds. 1st round(Phone Screen): 1 .Reverse a… Read More
Snapdeal interview experience for Software Engineer position: Round 1: Simulation round Ques: Develop REST API for adding, fetching, updating and deleting a bookmark. Developed API… Read More
I got a chance to participate in walk-in drive at Paytm Headquarters. Went through the following process. Written test: It contained 20 objective questions having… Read More
Recently, I was interviewed for Amazon SDE-1 Position. There were two telephonic rounds followed by 4 F2F rounds. Telephonic Round 1 : ————————— He seemed… Read More
Euler’s Totient function Φ (n) for an input n is the count of numbers in {1, 2, 3, …, n} that are relatively prime to… Read More
Given a big list of dates in ’20s, how to efficiently sort the list. Example:  Input: Date arr[] = {{20, 1, 2014}, {25, 3, 2010}, {… Read More
Below are some common GATE CS topics of data link layer. Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) Carrier Sense Multiple Access or CSMA method was developed… Read More
Design a data structure to do reservations of future jobs on a single machine under following constraints. 1) Every job requires exactly k time units… Read More
Given an integer, write a function that calculates ⌈7n/8⌉ (ceiling of 7n/8) without using division and multiplication operators.We strongly recommend to minimize your browser and… Read More
Given a singly linked list, select a random node from linked list (the probability of picking a node should be 1/N if there are N… Read More
We have discussed Insertion Sort for arrays. In this article we are going to discuss Insertion Sort for linked list. Below is a simple insertion sort… Read More
Consider a high traffic website that receives millions of requests (of different types) per five minutes, the site has k (for example n = 1000)… Read More
Recently I gave interview in Synopsis for the position of R&D Engineer. These were the questions asked : 1. Round 1 : Telephonic Round       … Read More
Given a dictionary that contains mapping of employee and his manager as a number of (employee, manager) pairs like below.  { "A", "C" }, {… Read More
In C, like normal data pointers (int *, char *, etc), we can have pointers to functions. Following is a simple example that shows declaration… Read More
Click here to see the documentation of the first phone interview. The video conference came after passing the phone interview, it was held on Skype… Read More
Consider the following famous puzzle. In a country, all families want a boy. They keep having babies till a boy is born. What is the… Read More
  Here is the collection of TOP 25 frequently asked questions based on experience (mine and friends) of interviews in multiple companies.  1) Lowest common… Read More
Given a doubly linked list, write a function to sort the doubly linked list in increasing order using merge sort.For example, the following doubly linked… Read More