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I gave the Morgan Stanley aptitude test, here’s my experience. So here’s how it went. The test was for 200 marks 90 min duration without… Read More
It was a usual Job Application at Amazon’s Job Site, I got their call few days later. Process:- 1 Written Aptitude(Coding) + 3 Technical Round… Read More
Given an array where all elements appear even number of times except one. All repeating occurrences of elements appear in pairs and these pairs are… Read More
First Round (Technical Round on Skype (45 minutes ) Q1-some Questions from my resume. Q2-Program for Factorial and how to calculate factorials of large numbers.… Read More
Consider a big array where elements are from a small set and in any range, i.e. there are many repetitions. How to efficiently sort the… Read More
Consider a big party where a log register for guest’s entry and exit times is maintained. Find the time at which there are maximum guests… Read More
Prerequisite – Database normalization and functional dependency concept. Normalization is the process of minimizing redundancy from a relation or set of relations. Redundancy in relation… Read More
We have introduced and discussed below Karger’s algorithm in set 1. 1) Initialize contracted graph CG as copy of original graph 2) While there are… Read More
Given a number line from -infinity to +infinity. You start at 0 and can go either to the left or to the right. The condition… Read More
Given two strings str1 and str2, the task is to find the length of the shortest string that has both str1 and str2 as subsequences.… Read More
Given a Binary Search Tree (BST) of integer values and a range [low, high], return count of nodes where all the nodes under that node… Read More
I had interview with for SDE1 position.  1st Round – (Written Round)- 25 Multiple choice questions(Networking, OS, DBMS, C concepts) 2 coding questions were also asked,… Read More
Last month i was interviewed by Ola for SDE 1 post. Here is my experience. Round 1 a. Inorder predecessor and successor for a given… Read More
I received a call from a consultancy, informing me that there are vacancies in D E Shaw for freshers. So they take my resume from… Read More
Given a number n, find count of all numbers from 1 to n that have 4 as a digit.Examples :  Input: n = 5 Output:… Read More
How to design a system that takes big URLs like “” and converts them into a short 6 character URL. It is given that URLs… Read More
Given an integer n and two-bit positions p1 and p2 inside it, swap bits at the given positions. The given positions are from the least… Read More
Consider a RAM organized in blocks. There are multiple processes running on the system. Every application gets below information. (Thread T, Memory Block M, time… Read More
There were 4 rounds  Short Story – First Round – Online Round (3 coding questions 90 min) Second Round – Skype Interview (Data Structure and Puzzle) Third Round… Read More
Recently I got interviewed at infoedge for PHP-MYSQL (LAMP) developer profile their naukri .com site. Round 1 It was a written round: 7 ques, 20… Read More