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On a TCP connection, current congestion window size is Congestion Window = 4 KB. The window size advertised by the receiver is Advertise Window =… Read More
A network with CSMA/CD protocol in the MAC layer is running at 1 Gbps over a 1 km cable with no repeaters. The signal speed… Read More
In an inventory management system implemented at a trading corporation, there are several tables designed to hold all the information. Amongst these, the following two… Read More
We wish to schedule three processes P1, P2 and P3 on a uniprocessor system. The priorities, CPU time requirements and arrival times of the processes… Read More
Let G be a directed graph whose vertex set is the set of numbers from 1 to 100. There is an edge from a vertex… Read More
Given a function f(x) on floating number x and two numbers ‘a’ and ‘b’ such that f(a)*f(b) < 0 and f(x) is continuous in [a,… Read More
Given two binary arrays, arr1[] and arr2[] of the same size n. Find the length of the longest common span (i, j) where j >=… Read More
Hello friends, I appeared for SAP recruitment process in college campus. We were having online test. There were 7 sections total – Analytical, Psychometric, Design… Read More
Round 1: Online coding round. 5 codes… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Number is power of two or not. Round 2: Some online testing… Read More
Let G be a weighted undirected graph and e be an edge with maximum weight in G. Suppose there is a minimum weight spanning tree… Read More
In a binary tree, for every node the difference between the number of nodes in the left and right subtrees is at most 2. If… Read More
I m sharing some tits bits from my interview I was asked questions from  Java  and C Technical question asked  Testing (Black box  and White… Read More
Two concurrent processes P1 and P2 use four shared resources R1, R2, R3 and R4, as shown below. P1 P2 Compute: Use R1; Use R2;… Read More
A function f defined on stacks of integers satisfies the following properties. f(∅) = 0 and f (push (S, i)) = max (f(S), 0) +… Read More
To understand this topic, you should have a basic idea about Functional Dependency & Candidate keys and Normal forms . Steps to find the highest normal form of… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size n. Three elements arr[i], arr[j] and arr[k] form an inversion of size 3 if a[i] > a[j] >a[k] and… Read More
The article focuses on using an algorithm for solving a system of linear equations. We will deal with the matrix of coefficients. Gaussian Elimination does… Read More
Given a number ‘n’ and a prime ‘p’, find square root of n under modulo p if it exists. It may be given that p… Read More
Coding Round : 1. 2. Do not remember second question but it was on binary tree. Group-fly round : Remove repeating charaters from a… Read More
1) Written Test on Unix Shell Scripting 1. write a script/command to find files older than 7days and zip them and move to specific folder.… Read More