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The weight of a sequence a0, a1, …, an-1 of real numbers is defined as a0+a1/2+…+ aa-1/2n-1. A subsequence of a sequence is obtained by deleting… Read More
In the sequential circuit shown below,if the initial value of the output Q1Q0 is 00,what are the next four values of Q1Q0? (A) 11, 10,… Read More
Suppose the predicate F(x, y, t) is used to represent the statement that person x can fool person y at time t. which one of… Read More
Consider a company that assembles computers. The probability of a faulty assembly of any computer is p. The company therefore subjects each computer to a… Read More
Written Test: First round was an online test on cocubes platform (not good for coding). This test is based on C, C++ and DS. The… Read More
In a binary tree with n nodes, every node has an odd number of descendants. Every node is considered to be its own descendant. What… Read More
A main memory unit with a capacity of 4 megabytes is built using 1M × 1-bit DRAM chips. Each DRAM chip has 1K rows of… Read More
What is the possible number of reflexive relations on a set of 5 elements? (A) 210 (B) 215 (C) 220 (D) 225 Answer: (C) Explanation:… Read More
A transporter receives the same number of orders each day. Currently, he has some pending orders (backlog) to be shipped. If he uses 7 trucks,… Read More
Which of the given options provides the increasing order of asymptotic complexity of functions f1, f2, f3 and f4? f1(n) = 2^n f2(n) = n^(3/2)… Read More
Which one of the following options is CORRECT given three positive integers x, y and z, and a predicate? P(x) = ¬(x=1)∧∀y(∃z(x=y*z)⇒(y=x)∨(y=1)) (A) P(x) being… Read More
Hi, a brief documentation of my Microsoft experience is as follows: Group Activity: On the evening before the interview we had a group activity round.… Read More
Which of the following is true about interfaces in java. 1) An interface can contain following type of members. ....public, static, final fields (i.e., constants)… Read More
Consider the data given in previous question. The size of the cache tag directory is (A) 160 Kbits (B) 136 bits (C) 40 Kbits (D)… Read More
Consider a source computer(S) transmitting a file of size 106 bits to a destination computer(D)over a network of two routers (R1 and R2) and three links(L1, L2,… Read More
Consider the directed graph shown in the figure below. There are multiple shortest paths between vertices S and T. Which one will be reported by… Read More
A list of n strings, each of length n, is sorted into lexicographic order using the merge-sort algorithm. The worst case running time of this… Read More
Consider the program given below, in a block-structured pseudo-language with lexical scoping and nesting of procedures permitted. Program main; Var ... Procedure A1; Var ...… Read More
Suppose a fair six-sided die is rolled once. If the value on the die is 1, 2, or 3, the die is rolled a second time.… Read More
Fetch_And_Add(X,i) is an atomic Read-Modify-Write instruction that reads the value of memory location X, increments it by the value i, and returns the old value… Read More